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150 years after Maxwell's pioneering work on stresses in viscoelastic liquids, their spatial correlations are revealed

For 150 years, the Maxwell model has been the basis for describing
viscoelasticity in complex fluids.  It interpolates the macroscopic
stress response between the viscous limit of a fluid and the elastic
limit of a solid. However, it neglects spatial correlations and fails
to capture the long-ranged elastic stress fields in the solid
state. We generalize Maxwell’s model based on the
hydrodynamic approach by Kadanoff and Martin and Götze and Latz to
correctly include non-local stress fluctuations. Focusing on
glass-forming fluids, we find that shear stress correlations in fluids
are anisotropic and increasingly long ranged as the glass transition
is approached, signaling the anisotropic, elastic correlations of
solids, as studied e.g. by Eshelby. Thereby, we obtain the unified
description of the generalized linear hydrodynamics of viscous liquids
undergoing a glass transition to the elastic solid state. Our work
will be the bases for the active field of modeling non-local rheology
and fluidity in viscoelastic fluids.

Emergence of Long-Ranged Stress Correlations at the Liquid to Glass Transition
Manuel Maier, Annette Zippelius, and Matthias Fuchs
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 265701 (2017)