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- J. Geiger, N. Grimm, M. Fuchs, and A. Zumbusch
  Decoupling of rotation and translation at the colloidal glass transition
  submitted arXiv

- Lea Fischer, Manuel Maier, Nico Dingenouts, Valerian Hirschberg, Alexander Wittemann,
  Matthias Fuchs, Manfred Wilhelm (corr-auth)
  Nonlinear Rheological Behavior of Glass-Forming Colloidal Suspensions under Oscillatory
  Shear: Experiment and Relation to Mode Coupling Theory Predictions

- Alhissi,  M.; Zumbusch, A.; Fuchs, M.
  Observation of liquid glass in molecular dynamics simulations
  submitted arXiv

- Thibaut Divoux et al.
  Ductile-to-brittle transition and yielding in soft amorphous materials: perspectives and open
  questions arXiv



- Baumgärtel, P., F. Vogel and M. Fuchs
  Properties of stable ensembles of Euclidean random matrices
  Phys. Rev. E 109(1), 014120. KOPS


- Orts, F., M. Maier, M. Fuchs, G. Ortega, E.M. Garzón and A.M. Puertas.
  Active and passive microrheology with large tracers in hard colloids.
  J. Chem. Phys., 159(14), 144901. KOPS.

- Ganguly, S., S. Nöjd, A. Yethiraj, P. Schurtenberger and P. S. Mohanty
  Crystal to crystal transformation in soft ionic microgels: Kinetics and the role of local mechanical susceptibilities
  Phys. Rev. Materials, 7(8), 080401. KOPS.

- Vogel, F. and M. Fuchs
  Vibrational phenomena in glasses at low temperatures captured by field theory of disordered harmonic oscillators
  Physical Review Letters, 130(23), 236101. KOPS.

- Bissinger, T. and M. Fuchs
  The BKT transition in a spin fluid
  J. Chem. Phys., 158(4), 044902. KOPS

- Caspers, J., N. Ditz, K.K. Kumar, F. Ginot, C. Bechinger, M. Fuchs and M. Krüger
   How are mobility and friction related in viscoelastic fluids?
   J. Chem. Phys., 158(2), 024901. KOPS


- Ganguly, S., G.P. Shrivastav, S.-C. Lin, J. Häring, R. Haussmann, G. Kahl, M. Oettel and M. Fuchs
  Elasticity in crystals with high density of local defects : insights from ultra-soft colloids
  J. Chem. Phys., 156, 064501. KOPS

- Grimm, N., A. Zippelius and M. Fuchs
. Simple fluid with broken time reversal invariance.
  Phys. Rev. E, 106, 034604. KOPS

- Miserez, F., S. Ganguly, R. Haussmann and M. Fuchs
  Continuum mechanics of non-ideal crystals: Microscopic approach based on projection-operator formalism
  Phys. Rev. E, 106, 054125. KOPS

- Zippelius, A. and M. Fuchs
  From viscous fluids to elastic solids: A perspective on the glass transition.


- Asheichyk, K., M. Fuchs and M. Krüger
  Brownian systems perturbed by mild shear: Comparing response relations.
  J. Phys. Condens. Matter, 33 405 101. KOPS

- Ditz, N. and R. Roth
  Gas–liquid phase transition in a binary mixture with an interaction that creates constant density profiles
  J. Chem. Phys., 154, 200945. KOPS

- Lin, S.C., M. Oettel, J.M. Häring, R. Haussmann, M. Fuchs and G. Kahl
  The direct correlation function of a crystalline solid
  Phys. Rev. Lett., 127, 085501. KOPS

- Roller, J., A. Laganapan, J.-M. Meijer, M. Fuchs and A. Zumbusch
  Observation of liquid glass in suspensions of ellipsoidal colloids
  PNAS, 118 (3). KOPS


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  Critical force in active microrheology
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- Kim, B., M. Fuchs and V. Krakoviack
  Dynamics of a noninteracting colloidal fluid in a quenched Gaussian random potential: A time-reversal-symmetry-preserving field-theoretic approach
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  Integration through transients for inelastic hard sphere fluids
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- Orts, F., G. Ortega, E.M. Garzón, M. Fuchs and A.M. Puertas
  Dynamics and friction of a large colloidal particle in a bath of hard spheres: Langevin theory and simulations
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- Ras, T., M. Szafarczyk and M. Fuchs
  Elasticity of disordered binary crystals
  Colloid Polym. Sci., 298, 803–818. KOPS

- Vogel, F. and M. Fuchs
  Stress correlation function and linear response of Brownian particles
  Eur. Phys. J. E, 43. KOPS

- Voigtmann, T., M. Siebenbürger, C.P. Amann, S.U. Egelhaaf, S. Fritschi, M. L. Krüger, K.J. Mutch and K.H. Samwer
  Rheology of colloidal and metallic glass formers
  Colloid and Polymer Science. KOPS


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  Observation of strongly heterogeneous dynamics at the depinning transition in a colloidal glass
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  Time-dependent active microrheology in dilute colloidal suspensions
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- Cárdenas, H., F. Frahsa, S. Fritschi, A. Nicolas, S. Papenkort, T. Voigtmann and M. Fuchs
  Nonlinear mechanical response of supercooled melts under applied forces
  Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics, 226(14), 3039. KOPS

- Fuchs, M.
  Recent advances on glass-forming systems driven far from equilibrium: Special volume marking the completition of the Research Unit FOR 1394 'Nonlinear response to probe vitrification'
  Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics, 226, 2991. KOPS

- Illing, B., S. Fritschi, H. Kaiser, C. Klix, G. Maret and P. Keim
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- Amann, C.P., M. Siebenbürger, M. Ballauff and M. Fuchs
  Nonlinear rheology of glass-forming colloidal dispersions: transient stress-strain relationsfrom anisotropic mode coupling theory and thermosensitive microgels
  J. Phys.:Condensed Matter, 27, 194121. KOPS

- Amann, C.P., D. Denisov, M.T. Dang, B. Struth, P. Schall and M. Fuchs
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- Amann, C.P., M. Siebenbürger, M. Krüger, F. Weysser, M. Ballauff and M. Fuchs
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- Ballauff, M., J. M. Brader, S.U. Egelhaaf, M. Fuchs, J. Horbach, N. Koumakis, M. Krüger, M. Laurati, K. J. Mutch, G. Petekidis, M. Siebenbürger, Th. Voigtmann and J. Zausch
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- Ferrando-May, E., M. Tomas, P. Blumhardt, M. Stöckl, M. Fuchs and A. Leitenstorfer
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